How Do You Build a Four-Wheel Furniture Dolly?

To build a four-wheel furniture dolly, construct a platform and attach four heavy-duty casters underneath the platform. Use two-by-fours and plywood to construct the platform.

Making a rolling furniture dolly requires a number of steps.

  1. Collect the materials
  2. This project requires two-by-fours, heavy-duty casters, wood glue and wood screws. Carpet pieces and plywood are optional.
  3. Cut the two-by-fours to length
  4. Cut the two-by-fours to the desired length and width sizes, cutting two equal-sized pieces for each.
  5. Make cuts for lap joints
  6. The rectangle will be assembled by lap joints at the corners. To make the cuts, first trace out the area that needs to be cut, then set the table saw blade to half of the thickness of wood. Starting at the inner edge of the lap, cut the wood with the blade, slowly making passes to cut away an L shape. Perform the same process on all pieces of wood, then glue the joints together, creating the rectangle. Then, use wood screws to secure the joints.
  7. Add plywood, if desired
  8. The platform can be left with an open center, or a sheet of plywood can cover the top, creating a solid surface. Glue the plywood in place.
  9. Add carpet, if desired
  10. Staple carpet around the edges to protect finishes and create a non-slip surface.
  11. Attach the casters
  12. Attach the casters directly under the joints for stability and strength.