How Do You Build a Flower Bed?

Build a flower bed by laying out the bed, removing grass and weeds, adding soil and organic matter, then planting flowers. Flower beds can be raised or in the ground, but the building process is basically the same for either.

  1. Lay out the flower bed plan

    Decide where the flower bed should be. Use landscaping tape or spray to mark the borders. For raised beds, lay stones, rocks or boards for the sides in place. For beds in the garden, use temporary rocks or flagging to mark the edges of the bed.

  2. Remove grass and weeds

    Grass and weeds can be dug out with a flat shovel. Dig about 4 to 5 inches down to remove the root systems. Alternately, place corrugated cardboard in the designated flower bed, and soak with water. Cover wet cardboard with six layers of newspaper. Add compost between 3 and 6 inches thick, and wait. This process takes several months, but it allows for natural decomposition of the grass and weeds, returning nutrients back to the soil.

  3. Add soil and organic matter

    If needed, spread a layer of pea gravel in the bottom of the flower bed to promote proper drainage. Add landscape fabric or wire mesh for weed and rodent control if desired. Fill the flower bed with soil, compost and organic materials, such as manure. For in-ground beds, work the added materials into the already present soil. Plant flowers as desired.