How Do You Build a Floating Dock?


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To build a floating dock, combine floatable containers, pressure treated lumber, galvanized screws and nails, and 10-20 L shape braces in a square shape, securing the containers on the bottom of the dock. Other materials needed include rope, a hammer, a screwdriver and screw eyes.

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Be sure to construct the dock close to the body of water you want it to reside in because the finished product will be heavy. Place four 2X8 inch boards in a square and screw them together to form the frame. Measure to find the center of the square and put a 2x4 inch board in place. Use the inflatable containers, possibly barrels, at this time to measure out the location of the other 2x4 boards. The boards should secure the floatable devices to the dock as well as secure the frame. A second layer of 2x4 inch boards should be placed perpendicular above the first, securing the floating containers and the frame.

Screw in 4x4 inch post pieces to the corners of the deck to secure the frame further, and add L shaped braces to where the 2x4 inch boards cross to increase security and stability. Screw in the eye hooks and use the rope to secure the barrels. Then flip the dock over and place it in the water, making sure it is tied to the shore to prevent it floating away. Add 1x4 inch boards to the top of the deck, fitted to the frame. Leave a small amount of space between each board. Construct a ramp using essentially the same method, only attaching it to the shore with poles sunken into the ground and secured to the ramp.

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