How Do You Build a Fence on a Slope?

A fence may be built along a slope either by following the contour of the slope or by using stepped fencing. As its name implies, stepped fencing gradually follows the gradient of the slope with stepped sections leaving gaps underneath the fence. The contour or racked fencing, on the other hand, follows the undulations of the slope and are installed uniformly close to the ground.

The following shows the basic steps that are taken when installing a fence on a sloped surface.

  1. Prepare the perimeter
  2. Clear the area where the fence is to be installed. Remove weeds, stones or anything that will get in the way of the fence.

  3. Install the posts
  4. The number and positions of the fence posts will depend on the design of the fence. The corner posts are installed first beginning with the top posts. If prefabricated fence panels will be used for stepped fence design, measure the width of each panel and install the posts according to the width of the panels. The posts must be plumb and must be at the same height from the ground.

  5. Install the rails
  6. Install the rails on the posts according to the design. Once the rails are in place, pickets or boards must then be installed on the posts. The gaps under stepped fence designs may be covered up by installing raised planters at the bottom. Apply the preferred finish to wrap up the project.