How Do You Build a Fairy House?


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Build a fairy house in your backyard by using anything that you might find outdoors, such as sticks, twigs and stones, to construct walls and a roof. Decorate the house and create walkways and flower beds if desired.

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  1. Gather the materials

    Collect flat bark from a tree, twigs, leaves, small stones, gravel, tiny dried flowers and any other outdoor items such as feathers, pine cones and nuts. Secure craft sticks, wood glue and spray varnish.

  2. Create the base and make the walls

    Select a flat section of your yard, and use the bark for the base. Apply wood glue to the craft sticks, and affix them to the piece of bark to form the walls. Leave an opening for the door, and allow the wood to dry.

  3. Decorate the walls

    Attach twigs and leaves to the craft sticks to dress up the outer walls of the fairy house.

  4. Landscape the fairy house

    Take the dried flowers, and shape them into flowerbeds along the base of the house. Bundle smaller twigs together to create tiny piles of firewood. Adorn the outside of the house with the other outdoor items.

  5. Craft the walkway

    Use the small stones and the gravel to lay a walkway leading away from the door.

  6. Spray to finish

    Coat the fairy house with spray varnish to protect it from the elements.

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