How Do You Build a Driveway Fence Gate?


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To build a wooden driveway fence gate, install two gate posts in place, construct the gate frame, and install risers into it. After that, hang the gate.

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For a concrete fence, cut two 2-inch by 8-inch beams the same height as the fence. Use a drill to make holes in the beams and in the fence posts. The holes should be a foot apart. Use lag bolts to connect the beams and the fence posts. For a wooden fence, install 6-inch by 6-inch posts.

Measure the distance between the posts, and construct a square frame to fit in between them. Make sure to leave 1/2 inch on each side of the frames to allow opening the gate. The gate should be at least 4 inches from the ground.

Make sure that the vertical risers in the frame have at least 1/8 inch between them, since the wood might swell over time. Place the gate on some blocks at the level you want it to hang, and screw hinges into the gate posts. You can remove the blocks after that. Next, connect the lath to one side of the gate, and close it. Now you can install the other lath. This ensures that your gate can open from both sides.

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