How Do You Build a Drawer?

How Do You Build a Drawer?

Build your own drawers by measuring the opening. Next, cut the drawers and sides to the appropriate dimensions. Fashion the grooves, make the bottoms and put the pieces together.

  1. Mark the measurements

    Carefully measure the dimensions of the desired drawer location. If you are reinstalling a drawer into a previously set drawer cabinet, take note of the type of drawer track. If you are building everything from scratch, decide on the type of drawer track before you begin.

  2. Cut the pieces

    Make the drawer faces by adding half an inch to the existing height and width measurements. Build the drawer sides by ripping half an inch of plywood to the original depth. Cut this piece at the full length of the box. Next, build two identical pieces for each side and two for the front and back. Finally, use a dado blade to cut grooves into the bottom of the four sides.

  3. Set the dovetail grooves

    Set your dovetail jig at a 90-degree angle, and position your front and side piece into it. Make sure they are slightly offset, and cut your dovetail pattern.

  4. Assemble the drawer

    First, create a drawer bottom with 1/4-inch plywood. Add half an inch to its dimensions to compensate for the dado grooves. Put your drawer together using glue and a mallet.