How Do You Build a Dog Pen Out of PVC?

How Do You Build a Dog Pen Out of PVC?

Build a dog pen out of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, piping with 10 or 11 10-foot pieces of PVC. The pen requires the 20 corners, 32 crosses, 8 T-pieces and 8 caps. The tools required include a PVC pipe cutter, a tape measure, a commercially available PVC glue and a rubber mallet. Cut and arrange the PVC pipe pieces to form a rectangular shape.

  1. Determine the appropriate size pipe

    The PVC pipe comes in 1/2-inch size or 3/4-inch size. The larger size is appropriate for larger dogs, and the smaller sized pipe can be used for smaller dogs.

  2. Cut the pipe

    For each layer in height, cut four pieces of pipe. Cut two 35-inch pieces and two 46 1/2-inch pieces. Alter the length of pipe if needed. Keep in mind that the corner pipes add about 2 inches to the pen's size. Cut 24 1 7/8-inch pieces of pipe. Use these small pieces as connectors to the fittings instead of the pipe itself. Of these pieces, use eight to attach the leg caps to the legs and 16 pieces for each layer.

  3. Assemble the PVC pipe

    Build one layer to the pen at a time. Put a cross attachment at one end of the pipe. On the opposite side, use the connector pieces, and secure the cross with a rubber mallet. Tap on the corner pieces. Put the connector pieces on the bottom of the crosses, and tap the caps on the bottom with the mallet. This completes the first layer. Repeat the process without the use of the caps. Connect the layers using the connectors. Once the pen is to the desired height, use the T-pieces instead of the crosses to complete the pen.