How Do You Build a DIY Meat Smoker?


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Build an electric meat smoker using a hot plate and large clay pot. Make the cover from a terracotta pot tray that fits just inside the rim of the pot. Use a circular barbecue grate that fits about one-third of the way down the side of the pot.

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How Do You Build a DIY Meat Smoker?
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Choose a pot that is large enough to allow the hot plate to sit on the bottom with room for manipulating the control dial on the hotplate. Select the smallest hot plate available that provides at least 1,000 watts of power.

Create a hole for the power cord to exit the clay pot by drilling a hole in the unglazed clay. Use a tile or glass bit to cut through the clay without breaking the pot. Sit the pot in a bag of sand to reduce the chances of breaking it while drilling.

Add a handle to the lid to make it easy to remove from the smoker by drilling a hole in the center of the tray. Place a nut an eyebolt and turn until it reaches the top of the threads. Use fender washers and nuts to secure the eyebolt to the lid. Push an appropriately sized dowel through the eye of the bolt to provide a stay-cool handle.

Place an aluminum pie pan filled with wood chips on top of the hotplate. Turn on the hotplate and adjust so the grill is between 215 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit to smoke meat.

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