How Do You Build a Display Case?

To build a display case, measure and cut sheets of Plexiglas, glue them together at the ends along with wooden blocks and make and attach the base. Building the display case requires 1/8-inch-thick Plexiglas, band saw, methylene chloride glue, wood and sandpaper. This display case is a three-step process and not very complicated though some familiarity with tools and Plexiglas may be helpful.

  1. Measure and cut the Plexiglas:
  2. Measure out three pieces of Plexiglas that are 12 inches by 8 inches and two pieces that measure 8 inches by 8 inches. Once measurements are laid out, cut the pieces with a band saw. A circular saw may be substituted for a band saw. Ensure that the circular saw has a fine blade on it. Sandpaper the edges to make sure they are crisp, sharp and even.

  3. Align with wood and glue together:
  4. Take a side piece and an end piece and apply the glue. Use a piece of wood to align the two pieces in order to ensure a 90-degree angle. Repeat on the other pair, then join the sets. Dry fit the top, run a bead of glue around the top edge of the sides, then weigh down until dry.

  5. Create the base:
  6. Cut a piece of wood to measure 12 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. Sand and stain desired color. Place the display on top once dry.