How Do You Build a Dining Room Table?

How Do You Build a Dining Room Table?

To build a dining room table, create the surface with 2-by-6 wood, add wood strips, make the skirt frame, and connect the skirt and legs. You also need a wood block, 2-by-4 boards, nails, carriage bolts, screws, tape, a hammer and iron bands to complete this project.

  1. Make the surface

    Surface the 2-by-6s with a planer to make a smooth surface.

  2. Apply the wood strips

    Fuse the boards together by connecting the tongue-and-groove ends. Screw 2-inch wood strips over the surface. Avoid using screws if a smooth surface is desired.

  3. Assemble the skirt frame

    Flip over the table. Make 17 1/3 inches out of the 2-by-4s to comprise the short end, and make 53-inch pieces from the 2-by-4s to make the long parts. Miter 8-1/2-inch wood pieces to make diagonal corners. Use a clamp and pocket jig to make pocket holes to get the frame to attach to the table.

  4. Piece together the skirt frame

    Nail the wood pieces together, but leave space for the 4-by-4 legs. Position the miter blocks diagonally at the corners to hold the frame together.

  5. Connect the skirt

    Place the skirt on the table using the pocket holes with 1-3/4-inch screws.

  6. Connect the legs

    Use a hand saw to chamfer 4 inches of each leg corner to get the rail, stile and cross brace to connect. Use dowel screws to attach the legs using the cross brace.

  7. Remove the wood strips

    Turn over the table, and remove the 2-inch strips. Cut the table down a desired length with a circular saw.

  8. Mortise the table

    Mortise the ends with a circular saw, and use a router to remove the remaining pieces. Bend two iron bands with pliers, and place the strips on each table end with a block and hammer.