How Do You Build a Deck Bench?


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Building a deck bench involves determining the bench measurements, cutting wood material according to the measurements, assembling the wood pieces into a bench, and gluing plywood on the bench seat and backrest. Painting the bench completes the process. You need wood, drill, screws, hammer and nails to complete this task. Plywood, saw, wood glue and a measuring tape are also handy.

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Using a measuring tape, measure two-by-four planks, and cut out four pieces of equal length for the bench seat. Cut out plank pieces for the backrest, legs and arms, taking into account the back height, seat depth and arm height to ensure that the length of the backrest is the same as that of the seat. Once the necessary wood pieces are in place, assemble the backrest pieces and the seat pieces with nails and wood glue. Screw the arms onto the legs. Screw the arms and legs onto the seat, and apply glue to the seams that emerge from the attachments.

Next, screw the back to the seat, tightening the screws for strong attachment. Measure and cut plywood according to the dimensions of the backrest, and repeat the process for the seat. Apply glue along the seat plywood, and attach it to the seat. Attach the backrest plywood in a similar way, and allow the glue to dry.

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