How Do You Build a Custom Pantry Door?


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To build a custom pantry door, cut a piece of plywood to the width and height of your doorway, attach pieces of 1 by 4 wood in your desired design, and cut out a screen door window in the top half of the plywood. Attach the screen behind the door, and then hang the door using a wood screen door hardware set. Alternatively, build a sliding pantry door out of cedar, and mount it on a barn door track.

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To make a simple custom pantry screen door, cut a large piece of plywood to match the dimensions of your pantry's doorway. Use wood screws to attach 1 by 4 boards to the front, framing the door and window. Add slats to the bottom half in a pattern, if desired. Cut a hole for a window in the top half of the plywood, attach a screen, and hang the door using hinges from a screen door hardware set. For easy installation, mount the hinges on the outside of the door.

Another option for a custom pantry door is a sliding barn door. Hang a cedar board with a barn door track mounted on it above the pantry door and the space next to it, to accommodate the door when it slides. Build the door out of cedar boards, attach a handle, and slide the door into the track. To keep the door from hitting the wall, add a small hinge to the floor.

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