How Do You Build a Corner Cabinet?

How Do You Build a Corner Cabinet?

Building a corner cabinet is a moderately difficult project that requires measuring the space, making the cabinet, assembling the face frame, making the cabinet doors and installing the corner cabinet, and the project takes about 16 hours for a do-it-yourself expert with measuring, sawing, routing and drilling skills. The size and materials used for the corner cabinet can vary based on the builder's preference. The interior shelves can be made of plywood and remain unpainted or stained to save on material costs.

In order to build a corner cabinet, follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare the project and gather tools and materials
  2. Prepare the work area and the cabinet installation site. Tools required for the project include a combination square, hammer, nails, bar clamp, tape measure, chisel, table saw, circular saw, power drill, circular saw and router. Purchase the wood, plywood and materials desired for the cabinet and consult corner cabinet plans for measurements. Free corner cabinet project plans can be found online from websites such as, and

  3. Make the cabinet and face frame
  4. Using the circular and table saw, cut the necessary pieces for the cabinet and face frame. Label the cut pieces with sticky notes or masking tape.

  5. Make and install doors
  6. Make the doors from solid wood rather than plywood. Install the door hinges two inches from each edge across the back of each left stile. Measure and align the doors before pre-drilling for the cabinet hinges.

  7. Finish and install the cabinet
  8. Smooth the wood with 80-grit sandpaper and paint or stain, removing any hardware and hinges. If there is baseboard molding where the cabinet is to be installed, remove and cut a 45-degree angle to butt against the cabinet and reinstall. Once the cabinet is in place, add molding, touch up the paint and add the desired hardware.