How Do You Build a Concrete Planter?

Making your own concrete planter allows you to design the size and shape of your planter as you wish. For this project you need two containers to serve as molds for your planter, cooking oil, a paintbrush, concrete, a weight that fits within the smaller container, a stone or file, a drill, and cork or piece of Styrofoam. This project takes 24 to 48 hours.

  1. Prepare the containers

    Use a paintbrush to paint cooking oil on the inside of the larger container and the outside of the smaller container.

  2. Pour the concrete

    If you would like to use foam or cork to drain water from the pot, place these in the bottom of the larger mold. Prepare the concrete as directed and pour it into the large container. Stop when the concrete is an inch from the top. Shake the container to eliminate air bubbles, and level the surface. Push the smaller container partially into the concrete, leaving enough concrete for the bottom of the planter.

  3. Finish the planter

    To finish the planter place a weight in the smaller container and allow the concrete to set for 24 to 48 hours. After the concrete has set, gently remove the molds and smooth any rough edges with a stone or file. If you did not use foam or cork for drainage, use a drill to make drainage holes in the planter.