How Do You Build Concrete Front Porch Steps?


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To build concrete front porch steps, get all the measurements for the steps, and plan how you're going to access the site and bring the materials to it. After that, prepare the foundation for the steps, and build the support forms. Pour concrete rubble inside the forms, and fill them with concrete starting with the bottom step. Take out the supports, and smooth out the steps.

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Make sure that you have all the necessary materials before beginning to work on the steps. To prepare the foundation, remove the grass and soil down to the level of 2 inches below the frost level. Make sure to prepare the whole stairway base area. Determine the rise of the steps, and mark the level height at the bottom of the carpenter's level. Make three holes in the ground, place three bars in them, and install plywood support forms to go extend along the entire area of the steps.

Install support structures for the stair risers and treads, and add fronts. Be sure to leave 4 inches to the forms and to the top of the stairs when adding concrete rubble. When pouring concrete, make sure that each step dries completely before pouring concrete into the next step. Use a finishing trowel and a step trowel to finish the steps. Use an edger to smooth out the surface of the steps. Use concrete patch putty to fix any problems.

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