How to Build a Concrete Driveway?


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To build a concrete driveway, pour concrete on a driveway space that leads to your house. After selecting a solid base to build upon, mix the concrete and apply it uniformly.

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  1. Inspect the base

    Make sure you have a solid base to work on. The gravel on your base must be evenly spread, and the covering should not reveal any soft spots or any elevation that might reveal structural cracks. In case of flaws, ensure remedial work.

  2. Mix the cement

    Mix the cement thoroughly. The cement you use should suit the topographical and climatic needs of your area. If you don't have this information, get it from a local contractor or a soil engineer.

  3. Build the driveway

    Once the surface is ready, start laying the cement. A safety joint should be placed after every 10 feet to prevent random cracking from occurring, as not doing so can hamper the life and usage of your driveway. Next, level or strike off the concrete with a screed to achieve a uniform surface. Float the concrete with a wood or magnesium bull float before bleed water accumulates. Finally, apply a simple broom finish to improve traction. Stamping the driveway or applying another type of decorative textured finish are also good ideas.

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