How Do You Build a Compost Bin?


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To build a compost bin, obtain an 18 gallon or larger plastic bin with a lid, drill holes throughout it, line the inside with wire mesh or hardware cloth and fill it with organic material. The compost should be stored somewhere where the scent and sight is not bothersome.

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Bring the plastic bin outside to prevent a mess, and drill holes in the bottom, sides and lid. Drill the holes one or two inches apart to ensure plenty of airflow. It may not be necessary if the holes are very small, but some people may wish to line the interior of the bin with a protective layering of wire mesh or hardware cloth to keep it tidy and to prevent rodents from getting in.

This type of compost bin can be stored inside or outside. It may produce an odor, so place it somewhere away from common areas. Fill the bin with fruit and vegetable matter, coffee grounds, egg shells, weed and grass clippings and other organic materials.

Shake the bin every day or two to aerate it, and spray it with water when it gets too dry. If the compost gets too wet, add leaves or shredded newspaper. When the compost material looks dark and crumbly, run it through a basic compost filter. Place any large chunks that still need to decompose back in the bin, and use or store the finished compost.

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