How Do You Build a Common Roof Truss?


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Check with the building project, and plan on how to construct the truss. Measure the size of the roof, and consider the right support and weight of the roof. Determine the roof slope before buying timber panels. Use 2 inches by 8 inches timber panels. Cut the timber panels to fit the roof size before adding a plumb cut at the ends. The plumb cut is a 45-degree angle cut.

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Measure and cut timber panels to make top and bottom chords. Assemble the truss by using stop blocks or end blocks to ensure the rafters and bottom chords fit together. Nail and glue the gussets on each corner by gluing. Once the glue dries, secure the trust between blocks. Secure the timber panels using connector plates to create a triangular shape, and use a brace to dissect the triangle center.

Attach and secure truss webs to connect the top and bottom chords. Use screws on the connector plates to fasten the panels. Make gussets for covering the three ends of the roof truss. Secure the roof truss to the frame, and ensure it hangs properly by checking the roof’s size and pitch. Use deck screws to attach the roof truss to the frame.

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