How Do I Build a Clothesline?


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Building a clothesline can be done by stringing rope between trees or posts, or by installing new wooden posts to string them up. The former approach is more suitable for short-term use, while the latter is more permanent.

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For the first method, the person needs to drill or screw large metal hooks into a wooden material. This may be a porch, deck or tree. It must be something that stands taller than the height needed for the clothesline. The second hook needs to be placed in another wooden object, such as another tree. The distance between the two objects must be measured so the heavy-duty clothesline rope can be cut to size. It must be woven through a metal eye that can loop over the hook. Attach it to the two hooks, and the clothesline is complete.

The second option is similar, except instead of using trees or other wooden posts already in place, posts need to be installed. The person needs to buy a post that is at least 7 1/2 feet in height and dig a hole to place it in. The hole should be 12-18 inches deep to make the post secure. Once two posts are installed across from each other, the rope can be strung using a hook and eye as with the temporary clothesline.

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