How Do You Build a Cinder Block Fence?


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In order to build a cinder block fence, prepare a stable footing, outline the fence with snap chalk, mortar the first row of blocks and then continue to stack the blocks to the desired height. Smooth any excess mortar along the sides of the wall.

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In order to build a cinder block fence, wear proper protective gear and use the following process.

  1. Review building codes
  2. Before beginning the project, review all local building codes and obtain any necessary permits.

  3. Prepare the footing
  4. Dig a footing below the frost line and double the width of the cinder blocks. Fill any drainage lines with crushed rock and fill with concrete. Allow the concrete to dry fully before assembling the wall.

  5. Assemble the first row
  6. Snap a chalk line to follow for the first row of blocks. Then place the first row along the line, leaving a 3/8-inch gap between the blocks.

  7. Mortar the first row
  8. Mix the mortar with water until it reaches a consistency similar to frosting. Dampen the footing and apply a 1-inch thick layer of mortar under the blocks. Apply mortar to the sides of the blocks to fill the joints. Remove the excess mortar so it is flush with the blocks.

  9. Build up
  10. Place a 1-inch thick layer of mortar on top of the first row of blocks and stack the second row of blocks. Place the smooth side out for any end pieces that have been cut. Continue the process to the desired wall height. Trim and smooth the mortar around the surface of the wall to finish the job and allow to dry completely.

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