How Do You Build a Church Pew?

How Do You Build a Church Pew?

To build a church pew, cut cherry, mahogany or oak and foot boards to the required size to make the frame ends, frame, back and seat of the pew, and join the pieces appropriately using wood glue and screws. Sand the pew's surface, and stain it.

To make two frame ends of the church pew, cut two 20-by-34-by-1-inch wooden boards to L shape. To do this, hold the boards with their longer edges upright; and mark 2 inches from the top left, 15 inches from the base, 5 inches from the left edge, and 16 inches from the bottom on the board's right edge. Similarly, mark on the board's right edge, while reversing the left and right. Cut along the lines marked, and round the top rear corners of the two pieces using a sanding block.

To make the frame, use a 3-foot-by-4-inch foot board for the cross support, and a 3-foot-by-2-inch foot board for the lower rear brace. Glue the cross support between the frame ends. Similarly, attach the brace piece to the frame ends so that it rests 2 inches inwards from the frame's back and 1 inch up from the floor.

To make the seats, make four seat boards from two 10-foot-by-4-inch foot boards. Use a 4-foot-by-2-inch foot board for the back seat board. Position, and glue the 2-inch board at the farthest corner between the frame ends so that its 2-inch edge is front-facing. Similarly, attach the other seat pieces.

To make the back, cut two 10-foot-by-3-inch board to four 4-foot long pieces. Glue one of these boards 6 inches above the back seat board. Attach the other back pieces. Secure all attachments using screws or nails.

Using 130-, 180- and 200-grit sandpapers, smooth the pew's surface. Finish the furniture using a deep brown-colored stain.