How Do I Build a Ceiling Canopy for a Bed?

How Do I Build a Ceiling Canopy for a Bed?

Building a ceiling canopy calls for assembling the frame and installing the framework to the ceiling. For this project, you need 1-by-4 pine wood, paint, wood putty, caulk, toggle bolts, nail set, heavy-duty stapler, coping saw and fabric.

  1. Build the frame

    Get the measurements of the ceiling box. Mark the joists of the pine wood. Paint the frame. Use wood putty to conceal the nail holes. Once it is dry, touch up the paint and add caulk.

  2. Install the box

    Pre-drill the hole into the studs. Secure the nails to the studs when installing the crown molding. When the nail is mostly inside, use a nail set to get it further below the surface. If there are no joists, use toggle bolts to install the box to the ceiling. Cut the fabric to its desired length for the sides and back. Affix the fabric with a heavy-duty stapler on the exterior boards, or you can allow it to drape down from the center. While stapling, you can create pleats to give it a complete look.

  3. Add a valance

    Miter the crown molding to give the corner a professional appearance. Create an inside corner with the coping saw. Miter the joining piece at a 45-degree angle. Cope along the line on the front portion of the mitered molding. Saw in a perpendicular fashion to carve out the length.

  4. Cover the seams

    Use the edging to cover the seams to add a finishing touch.