How Do You Build a Cedar Chest?


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To build a cedar chest, measure and cut the cedar into two long sides, two short sides, one bottom piece and one lid, then secure the boards with screws and attach two hinges to the lid to secure it to the base. There are other ways to build a cedar chest, but this is one popular method.

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  1. Gather your tools and materials

    You need one 1-by-8-foot solid cedar board, one 4-by-48-inch solid cedar plank, and one 2-by-2-foot piece of cedar plywood. You also need a half pound of 1 7/8-inch wood screws, two hinges, sand paper, a circular saw, a tape measure, a power drill and wood stain or varnish (optional).

  2. Measure and cut the wood

    Measure and then crosscut the 1-by-8-foot board into three 24-inch pieces and two 12-inch pieces. Measure and crosscut the plywood into one 22 3/4-inch piece and rip-cut into 12 3/4-inch wide pieces. Measure and crosscut the 4-by-48-inch plank into two 24-inch pieces and rip-cut the pieces so each is 3 inches wide.

  3. Assemble the chest

    To secure the base, drive three screws into the back, front and two side panels at each edge. Attach the 3-by-24-inch board to the back edge of the base with the screws. Position the 11-by-24-inch lid with the overhang towards the front. Position and screw each hinge onto the lid and then screw the other side of each hinge to the back of the chest.

  4. Sand the wood

    Sand the chest with sandpaper to smooth the wood and then varnish or stain the exterior only.

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