How Do You Build a Carport?

How Do You Build a Carport?

How Do You Build a Carport?

To build a carport, measure the structure you wish to build, dig post holes, and secure brackets in the holes with concrete. Set the posts in the brackets. Make notches on top of the posts, attach the bearing beam, and then attach the roof with roof screws.

  1. Mark the site

    Locate the site of construction, and use a string and stakes to mark out the structure. Measure the diagonals to ensure the carport is square. Mark the post holes.

  2. Dig the post hole, and set the brackets

    Dig post holes 1 foot deep and wide. Mix and pour the concrete into the holes, and then place the stirrup brackets in the holes. Level the brackets, leaving 3 inches between the ground and the bottom of each post. Cover the brackets with pieces of plywood, and let the concrete dry for two days.

  3. Set the posts and beam

    Cut 2-by-6-inch notches on top of each post. Uncover the brackets, and set the posts in the brackets vertically. Drill the posts, and fasten them to the brackets with carriage bolts. Set the bearing beam, and secure it to the notches with galvanized coach bolts. Use galvanised nails to attach the rafters to the beam.

  4. Attach the roof

    Measure and cut the roof, and then attach the roof to the beam and rafters. Secure the roof with roof screws fitted with rubber washers.