How Do You Build a Can Crusher?


To build a can crusher, attach two pieces of a strong wood together so they fold like a book, and attach jar lids and handles to the insides and outsides of the boards respectively. Testing the crusher completes this process.

Start by gathering the necessary tools and materials including a strong board, a hand saw, old jar lids, a hinge set and screen door handles. Screws, a drill, nails, a power sander and a hammer are also necessary. Using the saw, divide the board into two pieces so the length and width of each piece are 16 and 6 inches respectively. Use the power sander to smooth the pieces to prevent any friction when operating the crusher. Once the boards are smooth, lay the two boards with ends flush, place the hinge set over the joint, and mark the hinge screw holes on the boards. Drill the holes, and fasten the hinge set over the boards with the screws to secure the boards together so the boards can fold like a book.

Nail the jar lids over the inside of each board, taking care to ensure that the lids are mounted centrally on the boards. They should also be placed at the farthest point from the hinge set. Then, mount the handles on the outsides of the boards. To test the crusher, put a can in the lids, and press the handles.