How Do You Build a Butcher Block?


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Build a butcher block cutting board by obtaining lengths of hard wood, cutting them to the appropriate size, gluing them together, trimming and sanding the block to an even size and shape and applying butcher block mineral oil until fully saturated. After several months of use sand the butcher block down and reapply mineral oil to completely clean, smooth and re-seal the cutting board.

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Build a butcher block from hard woods such as mahogany, hickory, cherry, walnut or hard maple for a resilient and long-lasting butcher block. Smaller butcher blocks need only glue to hold the lengths of wood together while larger butcher blocks are reinforced with dowels. A clamping system is required to apply even pressure to the wood lengths while the glue dries to prevent gaps. The lengths of wood don't need to be of an even length during the gluing process and can be trimmed to an even shape after the glue has dried.

Sealing the butcher block with mineral oil prevents bacterial growth and makes the butcher block resistant to water damage and wood rot. Over time the surface of the butcher block becomes covered with scratches, cuts and other damage that is beneficial to bacterial growth, and should be refinished at least once per year to keep the butcher block safe to use.

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