How Do You Build Bunk Beds?


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In order to build bunk beds, a plan is needed, as well as good lumber, a saw and screws. Carpentry skills are also good to have in order to build them.

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Bunk beds are great for having two beds in a small area. It helps save floor space.

  1. Decide on mattresses to be used
  2. Choose if twin or full size beds are the best fit for the room.
  3. Pick out lumber and cut to fit
  4. Pine is a good option for bunk beds. Cut the board to fit the bed that was chosen.
  5. Create frame
  6. Create the rails for the top bed. Make the bases and corner posts. Add support pieces to the frame where the mattresses will lie. This will prevent the mattress from falling.
  7. Place the pieces together
  8. Create joints by drilling holes in the posts. Attach the top bed frame to the bottom frame.
  9. Support the top mattress
  10. Cut a piece of plywood the same size as the mattress to fit under the top mattress. This will ensure it does not fall on top of the person sleeping on the bottom.
  11. Assemble the bed
  12. Place the bed frame in the room it is to be used. Add the mattresses to the frame, and the bunk bed is complete.
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