How Do You Build a Brick Retaining Wall?


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Building a brick retaining wall involves digging a trench for the wall's footing, installing the wall footing and laying brick rows. Cleaning the brick faces with a wire brush completes the process.

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To dig the trench, measure and mark the ground on which you intend to dig the trench, and dig out the soil with a shovel so the width of the trench is thrice as big as the wall's base. Once the trench is ready, set steel rebar at the base of the trench. Then, refer to the instructions on the cement bag, and apply the instructions in mixing concrete. Pour the concrete in the trench, and even it out with a shovel. Letting the footing dry completes its installation.

To lay the brick rows, prepare mortar according to the cement bag instructions, use a trowel to lay the mortar over the footing, and set the first brick row over the mortar, taking care to ensure that the row is straight. Be sure to leave 1/2-inch spacing between the bricks. Fill the brick seams with the mortar using a trowel, layer the mortar mix over the row, and repeat the process for the remaining rows, taking care to ensure that the bricks of each row overlap the seams of the adjacent rows. Be sure to lay the last row perpendicularly to the rows beneath it.

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