How Do You Build a Brick Patio?

How Do You Build a Brick Patio?

To build a brick patio, lay bricks on ground that has been cleared, leveled, and covered with weed-blocking landscape fabric and compacted stone dust. Once the bricks are laid, run the plate compactor over the area, and fill the gaps with stone dust.

  1. Prepare the location

    Remove 2 inches of grass and soil from the patio area. Use a sod lifter to facilitate the process. Level the dirt with rakes and shovels. If the patio covers a large area, make sure the ground slopes away from the house. Place landscape fabric over the ground, and stake it at the corners.

  2. Make a screed

    On the fabric, position two pipes 5 feet apart and parallel. In between the pipes, add 2 inches of stone dust, and level it off with a 2-by-4 board. Pick up the pipes, and reposition them for another section. Fill the area with 2 inches of saw dust. Continue repositioning the pipes until the entire patio area is covered. Fill in all of the gaps with stone dust.

  3. Compact the stone dust

    Use a plate compactor to compress the dust. Repeat the process of adding stone dust and compacting it two more times until you have a 3-inch base.

  4. Place the stones

    Create a center line by suspending a string between two nails on either side of the patio area. Starting at the center, lay bricks in the desired pattern. Use a rubber mallet to hammer them into position.

  5. Finish the patio

    Once all of the bricks are set, use the plate compactor to press them securely into the stone dust. Sprinkle stone dust over the bricks, and sweep it into all of the cracks. Once the gaps are filled, clean off the bricks with a hose or pressure washer.