How Do You Build a Brick Meat Smoker?


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The main steps for building a brick meat smoker include building a base row of bricks on the sides and back, creating staggered rows of bricks on all sides of the smoker, inserting a fire pit in the bottom opening and placing bricks to create a roof. Use smoking screens or sticks to hang the meat inside the fire box.

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To build the base row of bricks, lay the bricks in two parallel rows to form the sides, and then place a row of bricks perpendicular to these rows to form the back. Either place one brick in the front or use metal lintel placed across the side rows in the front. The front needs to stay at least partially open to allow room to make the fire or install the fire pit. Add on five more layers of bricks to the front, back and sides, staggering them so they do not lay directly on top of another.

Create the roof by creating two parallel rows of bricks that extend past the opening, and then by adding three bricks perpendicularly on top of these rows. To keep the smoking screens or sticks in place, push some opposing bricks in. Another option is to set two metal laths across each of two offset bricks on the second and fourth rows of bricks.

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