How Do You Build a Brick Flower Bed?

How Do You Build a Brick Flower Bed?

To build a brick flower bed, make a concrete trench, chalk an outline, lay the first course, build the corners, finish the rest of the courses, check the levels and finish the joint with a pointing tool. It takes two to three days depending on drying times.

  1. Make a concrete footing

    Dig a hole that is 1 foot deep and twice as wide as the brick walls are anticipated to be. Fill it with concrete. Add concrete footings every 4 feet, making sure they reach beneath the frost line. Allow it to fully dry.

  2. Lay the bricks dry

    Arrange the bricks without mortar, accounting for the mortar's required space. Use chalk to mark where the first and last brick sit.

  3. Lay the first layer

    Mix the mortar according to the manufacturer's instructions. Lay the first and last bricks, then use a mason's line to check if they're even, adjusting accordingly. Apply 1 inch of mortar along the length of three bricks. Lay the first course, applying mortar to the end of each brick before laying it.

  4. Build the corners

    Lay the corners, making each course one-half of a brick shorter than the previous one below. Swipe the mortar on all four edges of the brick's face before applying.

  5. Lay the other courses

    Using a mason's line to keep both walls completely even, lay the rest of the courses. Use a mallet and brick set to cut bricks to size if necessary.

  6. Adjust levels and finish joints

    Use a mallet and plank to adjust the levels and straighten any uneven courses. When the mortar is firm to the touch, use a pointing tool to finish the vertical joints first and the horizontal joints after. Wipe away any smeared mortar with a damp rag. Allow the mortar to fully dry before using.