How Do You Build a Brick BBQ Pit?

How Do You Build a Brick BBQ Pit?

To build a brick barbecue pit, measure the area, lay the concrete, dry lay the first layer of bricks, mix the mortar, lay the first, second and third layers with mortar, and finish it off with a jointer. This process takes between three and four days because of the necessary drying times.

  1. Measure and excavate a hole

    Measure the area using the grill grate as a frame of reference. Clear all debris from the area, and dig an appropriately sized hole 8 inches deep. Flatten the walls and floor evenly with tamper.

  2. Mix and pour cement

    Mix fast-drying cement according to the manufacturer's directions. Pour the concrete slab over gravel. Use a trowel to spread it evenly. Allow it to dry for one to two days.

  3. Fit the bricks

    Without pouring any mortar, line up the first layer of bricks exactly as desired. Be sure to account for the mortar, which takes up 1/2 inch. Cut bricks to fit as needed.

  4. Apply the first layer of bricks

    Mix the mortar according to the manufacturer's instructions. Place a substantial amount of mortar for the first layer, and add the first brick. Apply a layer of mortar to the end of each subsequent brick before applying.

  5. Apply two additional courses

    On the rear and outside walls, apply mortar, and lay bricks. Leave the front open so that ash, charcoal and the grates are accessible.

  6. Continue laying bricks

    Continue adding bricks until the barbecue has reached the desired height. Stagger bricks throughout so that the grates have ledges at various heights.

  7. Finish with a jointer

    While the mortar is still wet, use a jointer to strike the joints and create an indention in the mortar. When the mortar is nearly dry, use a stiff brush to remove any excess mortar.