How Do You Build a Book Shelf?

How Do You Build a Book Shelf?

To build a book shelf, measure and cut shelf materials to the size of the shelf, drill the holes, and attach the support blocks. Paint the shelf, attach it to the wall, and fix the nail board.

  1. Cut the shelf material

    Measure and cut the plywood according to the size of the book shelf you want to build using a table saw. Cut the rabbet joints into the ends of the top shelf with a circular saw across the shelf to allow the top shelf rest securely on the two sides.

  2. Drill the holes

    Mark the center shelf location, and drill holes in the center shelf. Attach support blocks to the center shelf with glue, and fasten with finish nails. Drill and make pilot holes in the side shelf, and attach the shelf with wood screws.

  3. Attach support blocks

    Apply glue on the support blocks and nail them. Drill and countersink holes for the top, center and bottom shelf, and then screw them. Attach and screw the support blocks and bottom shelf.

  4. Attach the back panel, trim and kick plate

    Cut and attach the back panel with brads to help the shelf stay square, and attach the trim. Drill the holes for the kick plate, then attach the plate below the wood surface with screws.

  5. Paint and position the shelf

    Paint the shelf, and let it dry. Position the shelf, and attach it to the wall with screws. Finally, install the nail board.