How Do You Build a Bed Frame?

How Do You Build a Bed Frame?

To build a homemade bed frame, find or create the plans, collect all necessary materials and then begin construction. Basic plans can be modified to accommodate individual sizes and design choices.

The following steps detail how to build a simple bed frame, to which a custom headboard and foot board can be added:

Step 1: Gather the materials.

Consult the full material list before beginning construction to ensure all wood, hardware and tools are available to complete the task.

Step 2: Cut the panels.

The panels include the two sides and the front and back pieces. Adjust the sizes as needed for twin, full, queen and king-size beds.

Step 3: Assemble the panels.

Assemble the panels to construct the four sides of the frame. Use glue and three screws at each corner piece, ensuring the sides are flush with one another. Then, install four gussets on the bottom of each corner.

Step 4: Install corner pieces.

Cut to size, and notch out the corner pieces to wrap the corners of the frame. Use glue and finish nails to attach the pieces to the frame.

Step 5: Attach cross slats.

The cross slats hold the weight of the frame and mattress. Measure the width between the bed sides, and cut the slats to length. Attach to the frame with wood glue and screws.

Step 6: Perform finishing work.

Install legs, fill the nail and screw holes and then sand and finish with stain or paint. Add a custom headboard or foot board, if desired.