How Do You Build a BBQ Pit?


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To make a BBQ pit, dig a hole to the desired size, line the bottom and sides of the pit with bricks secured in place with concrete, and use steel rebar to create a cooking rack. You can build this small cooking pit in less than one day.

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  1. Prepare the base

    Dig a square hole that is approximately 3 feet on all sides, and make the center of the bottom of the pit about 12 inches deeper than the surrounding sides. Line the bottom of the pit with fire bricks, and place approximately 4 inches of masonry sand on top of the fire bricks. To create a larger cooking area, dig the hole to accommodate the desired size.

  2. Build the sides of the pit

    Mix concrete according to the directions on the packaging, and add 3 cups of salt per bag of concrete used to prevent heat from damaging the bricks. Begin stacking limestone bricks around the interior edge of the pit, using a layer of concrete between each layer of brick to secure the structure. Insert steel rebar into the concrete at the desired height for the cooking rack before the concrete dries. Allow the concrete to dry completely before using the pit.

  3. Create a cooking rack

    Weld 1/2-inch steel rebar at one inch intervals to create a cooking rack.

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