How Do You Build Basic Drawers?


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To build a basic drawer, you need 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch plywood for the drawer box itself, thicker material for the drawer front, nails, screws and wood glue. Tools you need include a saw, t-square or straight edge, hammer and power drill.

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To construct a simple drawer, first measure the space it has to fit, remembering to account for the thickness of the wood. Measure and cut the 1/2 plywood for the sides of the drawer first. You don’t need to miter corners unless you want to. Fit the pieces together at right angles with the edges overlapped to check your measurements before nailing the pieces together. To add more strength, use wood glue and clamp the joins to dry if desired.

To construct the sides of the box, use two nails per join. To prevent splitting, pre-drill. Measure the wood for bottom of the box by setting the joined sides on top on the 1/4 inch plywood and tracing the edges. Cut out the bottom, and attach it to the drawer with nails, again pre-drilling to prevent splitting the wood as you hammer. Test the drawer for fit, and adjust as necessary by sanding for smooth opening and closing.

To finish the drawer front, measure and cut the thickest wood. Place it against the front edge of the box, and mark holes for drawer pulls. Drill the holes, and then attach the front and pulls. Sand and finish as desired.

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