How Do You Build a Basement Bathroom?

How Do You Build a Basement Bathroom?

To build a basement bathroom, you need to consider the design, drainage and toilet types. Ask your local building authority about any building restrictions before you start planning for your basement bathroom construction.

  1. Choose a design

    The new basement bathroom needs to be as close as possible to the electrical wiring and plumbing. Next, decide if you want a bathtub or a bathtub and shower combination. Keep in mind that basements are chilly. Consider adding a heating system. To avoid moisture, add a ventilation fan.

  2. Calculate the plumbing depth and pipe size

    One of the most important considerations when building a bathroom is the drainage. The plumbing depth should be deep enough. Larger pipes are also ideal for the basement.

  3. Choose a toilet system

    There are several toilet systems to choose from including pressure-assisted toilets, up-flushing toilets and composting toilets. You can also choose to install a sewage-ejector system. This type of system sends the pump sewage to the septic tank line. The sewage-ejector systems are either above-ground or below-ground.

  4. Choose a lighting type

    Most basements do not have any natural light. This is why adding some strong lights is a good idea. Aside from being waterproof, lights over showers and bathtubs have to be vapor-proof.