How Do You Build a Baseball Cap Rack?

How Do You Build a Baseball Cap Rack?

A baseball rack can be placed on a wall or wardrobe door, or made to stand at a hidden corner of the room. To build a simple, inexpensive baseball cap rack that you can hang on the wall, you need a measuring tape, wooden stick with a hole at one end, clothespins, glue, a brush and wood paint of your choice. The process takes about 45 minutes.

  1. Take measurements and cut the stick

    Decide how many caps the rack will need to hold and measure out the space it will take. Remember to leave some space between caps. Use this measurement to cut the stick to the appropriate size.

  2. Paint the wood

    Use the paint brush or rag to apply the chosen paint to the stick and clothespins to give the wood a good finish and to preserve it from decaying quickly. Leave long enough for the paint to dry.

  3. Attach the clothespins and hang the rack

    Use measuring tape to space the clothespins evenly (you can mark the stick with a pencil), and glue the clothespins to the stick. Let the glue dry and hang the rack over a screw or hook in the wall. If the stick doesn?t have a hole, you can drill one or use a hammer and a nail to attach the finished rack to the wall.