How Do You Build a Backyard Rock Waterfall?


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To build a backyard waterfall, start by digging a hole big enough for a plastic storage box. The next steps involve setting up the water pump, gathering a pile of rocks or other material to use and then layering them as needed. The last steps are filling the bin with water and making adjustments to the rock pile to direct water flow.

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Choose a plastic container that holds at least 10 gallons of water, and dig a hole big enough to place it in so that the top of the container is flush with the ground. Put the bin in the hole, and then connect a 6 foot piece of vinyl tubing to the output valve of a fountain water pump. Place the pump in the plastic container and pull the outlet cord and tubing out of the bin, and set them on the ground near the back part of the hole.

Wearing gloves, cut a piece of chicken wire that extends 6 inches from the sides of the hole. Thread the open end of the tubing through a hole in the wire close to an edge. Cover the hole with the chicken wire, and then lay the collected rocks on top of the wire, creating a cascade effect that is aimed at the center of the hole. Pull the tubing to the back of the pile and surround it with more stones. Seal the tubing with silicone, and cut any excess off so that only an inch extends above the rocks.

Fill the bin with water and turn on the pump to test flow and direction and make any necessary adjustments. Cover the rest of the chicken wire with stones, but make sure the water can flow through them and into the bin underneath.

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