How Do You Build a Backyard Fire Pit?


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Build a backyard fire pit using concrete blocks or bricks, rebar stake and shovel. Mark a circle in the area with the stake, string and shovel, and dig a small area for the wood. Complete the pit with rocks, bricks or blocks to encase the fire.

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  1. Mark the fire pit

    Choose a space in the yard away from the house. Pound the rebar stake into the ground with a hammer. Tie a string around the stake, and stretch it out at least 18 inches from the center. Cut the string with scissors. Walk around the stake with the string in hand, tracing the circumference with a shovel.

  2. Dig and fill the pit

    With the circumference marked, dig out the inner circle up to 12 inches in depth. Next, pour sand into the bottom of the hole up to a few inches from ground level.

  3. Encase the fire pit

    Lay your cement blocks, red bricks or flat rocks around the perimeter of the fire pit. Continue stacking them to a height of 12 inches.

  4. Complete the pit

    Pour up to 4 inches of sand onto the first layer of sand in the ring. Finally, place your logs in the center of the fire pit.

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