How Do You Build an Attic Access Ladder?


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In order to build an attic access ladder, measure, mark and cut out the ladder opening and then install a folding ladder into the space. Install trim and perform finish work around the opening to finish the ladder.

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Use the following steps to build an attic access ladder.

  1. Measure
  2. Attic ladders are typically installed between the floor joists and are 22 inches wide. Determine the placement of the ladder and how tall the ladder needs to be.

  3. Cut the opening
  4. Mark the placement of the ladder on the ceiling with snap chalk. Cut the opening with a drywall saw.

  5. Install the frame
  6. Nail 2 by 10 boards perpendicular to the floor joists to frame the shorter sides.

  7. Install the ladder
  8. Keep the ladder folded and allow it to sit on the ledgers. Use shims to ensure the ladder is level and then nail through the hinges and into the frame.

  9. Finish
  10. Open the ladder and ensure the feet are level. Install a pull cord and trim to finish.

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