How Do You Build an Arbor?

How Do You Build an Arbor?

Build a basic arbor by constructing a post and lentil structure in a style that fits your needs and preferences. Since most arbors are built or placed in outside areas, you can anchor the posts in the ground, and then connect the posts at the top with a header to create a basic arbor.

Arbors are often used as entry points or decorative structures within landscaped areas. They can be made of various types of materials but are traditionally made with wood.

Experts at recommend using pre-treated wood to prevent the wood from rotting.

After choosing, measuring and cutting the wood needed for the project, dig the holes to anchor your posts. These footing holes create support for the structure once the post is placed inside. Fill the remaining space with rocks or liquid concrete. Using a level to keep the posts straight ensures the structural integrity of the arbor.

After the posts are firmly in place, add the lentils or headers, which run perpendicular to the posts at the top of the structure. Using screws, nails or other affixing hardware, secure the lentil and any other support beams to the arbor.

Add decorative or utilitarian trellis to accommodate climbing vegetation.