How Do You Build an 8 Ft. by 10 Ft. Gazebo?


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The process of building a gazebo involves installing the posts, attaching the crossbeams and support, mounting the trim and braces, fitting the top slats or roof and then capping the posts. Construction steps may differ depending on the plan used. Many plans may be easily modified to build structures of different dimensions or styles.

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Begin the construction process by installing the posts, setting the lower ends of each post on a concrete pad equipped with steel post anchors or burying them in the earth below the frost line. Have an assistant steady each post, and use a carpenter's level to ensure proper alignment and position. Clamp support beams to the posts, and nail them into position after checking to ensure they are plumb and level. Measure and cut the cross beams to length using a table or jigsaw, and then attach each one to the support beams.

Secure the trim to the posts using construction adhesive and galvanized finishing nails. Drill pilot holes into the top slats and diagonal braces before securing each piece in place using with wood screws. Attach post caps, and use a construction adhesive and galvanized finishing nails to secure them in place. Either leave the gazebo unfinished or paint and stain all surfaces to create a more colorful finish.

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