What Are Some Bug Spray Products That Kill Fruit Flies?

Some bug spray products that kill fruit flies include pyrethrin space sprays, insect growth regulator sprays and automatic aerosol dispensers, such as On Time Metered Aerosol. Insect growth regulators, such as Tekko Pro and Gentrol, prevents insect development. Some examples of pyrethrin aerosol sprays are the CB-80 Insecticide spray and the PT 565 spray.

Pyrethrin space sprays are used to kill fruit flies quickly as space and contact treatment. The PT 565 is an insecticide usable for most types of bugs. The product features knockdown, kill and flushing action for complete control of insects. Due to cold sensitivity, the product must be stored at room temperature. The CB-80 spray provides knockdown and kill action for 20 types of pests. The product is ideally used as a space, crevice or crack treatment.

Automatic aerosol dispensers gradually release insecticide to repel fruit flies and other bugs for long periods of time. The On Time Metered Aerosol is best used against insects such as fruit flies, mosquitoes, gnats and moths. It provides continuous treatment against pests 24 hours a day for 30 days, then the cartridge must be replaced. The product is battery powered and releases insecticide spray every 15 minutes.

Insect growth regulator sprays are ideally used on fruit fly breeding locations, such as plants, floor mats, drains and under appliances. Tekko Pro and Gentrol disrupt the growth of insect larvae, preventing them from reaching standard adulthood. The main ingredient of Gentrol is hydroprene and is not an active insect repellent.