How Do Bug Bombs Kill Bugs?


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Bug bombs use chemicals to kill or drive away insects inside a home, such as roaches or fleas. Only pests that are in direct contact with these chemicals can be affected.

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Bug bombs, also known as foggers, are available for purchase at most stores and contain various chemicals that kill or repel pests. The main ingredient in bug bombs is pyrethrin, which is derived from the chrysanthemum plant. Permethrin and methoprene are also usually present in bug bombs. These chemicals are so effective that people and pets must be kept away from the treated area for an allotted period of time to reduce their risk of exposure. Due to the volatile and explosive nature of these chemicals, bug bombs must be stored in safe environments away from heat or fire.

Bug bombs usually come in a can and are activated by removing a tab from the top of the can. Pesticide is then released into the air and settles on the surfaces inside the home. One 6- to 8-ounce can is usually sufficient to cover a home, and there are smaller cans available for apartments. The right can size is determined by calculating the home's size. For every 1,000 cubic feet, 1 ounce of bug bomb is needed.

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