How Do You Buff Out Quartz Counters?

How Do You Buff Out Quartz Counters?

To buff your quartz counters to keep them looking shiny and new, you will need warm water, mild dish soap, white vinegar, soft rags, a sponge, window cleaner and paper towels. Some people also use a squeegee. Quartz counters are hard, strong and non-porous, which makes them easy to clean.

  1. Wash the counter with dish soap

    Wash the counter with warm, soapy water with mild dish soap. Use soft rags or a soft sponge.

  2. Treat stubborn stains with vinegar

    Apply white vinegar to any stains that resist the dish soap. Rub the vinegar into the stains with a clean sponge. Use brisk strokes on stubborn areas.

  3. Rinse and dry the counter

    Rinse the counter with plenty of cool water and dry it with a soft, clean rag. Rub the counter until no streaks remain. If you have a squeegee, run it over the counter after soaking up most of the water with rags.

  4. Spray the counter with window cleaner

    Spray the dry counter with window cleaner, applying extra on areas that look dull or feel greasy. Wipe the counter with a clean, lint-free rag or paper towels. Repeat this treatment on heavily soiled areas, and dry the counter to a streak-free finish.