What Is Budget Pest Control?


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Budget pest control typically includes the basic services needed to reduce or eliminate pest populations in the home. In some cases, homeowners may choose to complete the pest removal after an initial treatment by a professional exterminator.

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Basic services may include spraying the home with pesticide or locating the nest or living space of one or multiple pests. In general, budget pest control companies rely on the least expensive methods of treatment in order to charge less for the services provided. For instance, less costly treatment plants may rely on cheap pesticides, while more expensive service options may use eco-friendly alternatives. In some cases, budget pest control companies may offer return customers discounts.

Companies offering budget services may include general pest prevention, snake removal, termite control and animal removal services. Customers are typically charged a base fee for a one-time service, but the base fee can vary depending on the type of extermination services required. For instance, general pest prevention may cost less than trapping raccoons that have infested an attic.

Homeowners seeking budget pest control options may choose to complete much of the pest elimination process without assistance. For instance, an exterminator can provide the initial treatment inexpensively, allowing the homeowner to use commercially available products to maintain a pest-free environment. Typically, budget services are used in situations where the infestation is mild and when commercial treatments are effective. Some pest control companies also offer baits, sprays and traps to homeowners as an affordable alternative to professional treatment.

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