What Are Some Budget-Friendly Backyard Ideas?


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Some budget-friendly backyard ideas include installing a wall with Spanish arches, adding a meditation room, building a pergola and decorating the area around an inspiration piece. Planters are an inexpensive way to cover up unattractive features while lending a lush, tropical feel to the backyard.

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A homeowner can improve their backyard without shelling out a lot of money by adding a main feature and decorating around it. For instance, install a Spanish wall with arched passageways partly as a privacy screen and partly as a decorative touch. Plant some climbing vines around it and add a few pieces of patio furniture. Instead of redoing the entire backyard, opt to improve it with a meditation area consisting of a freestanding pergola with a cloth awning and draperies surrounding a small table and some cushions. An even more inexpensive idea is to add a simple stone bench to a quiet, shady corner of the backyard surrounded by a low-maintenance Zen garden.

For a small backyard that consists mostly of a patio area, add an inexpensive pergola, potted plants and a chair for a shady outdoor oasis. Another budget-friendly method of making over a backyard is to buy one high-quality inspiration piece, and then purchase or re-purpose other materials to match it. For instance, use a ceramic fountain for the center attraction, and paint old pots to match.

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