How Do Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems Work?

How Do Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems Work?

Bryant heating and cooling systems use four methods to control temperature: their proprietary Hybrid Heat system, split systems, geothermal systems and packaged systems. These systems use a variety of tools, including heat pumps, gas furnaces and evaporator coils to meet the heating and cooling needs of a specific environment.

A split system heats and cools by using a heat pump or a condenser coil, located outside of the home or business, working in tandem with a furnace located inside the building. These both send conditioned air through a building's air ducts, and the heat pump or condenser coil's excess radiant heat does not heat up the house it is trying to cool.

A packaged system combines the separate mechanisms of a split system into one unit, located inside the building.

A geothermal system sends water underground, where the ambient temperature is considerably different than the surface. The water changes temperature and then is brought back to the surface, where it conditions the air temperature, and is sent back through the process again.

The Hybrid Heat system uses a computer attached to electrical heating system, a gas heating system and an evaporator coil. This system works in an efficient manner because the computer chooses the most cost-effective fuel source for the air conditioning needed at any given moment.